Welcome to the Lords of the Mourning campaign page!

This is a D&D campaign taking place in the world of Eberron. We are using the 4th edition ruleset and playing the game using the virtual tabletop software Fantasy Grounds 2.

Most Recent Session Summary: Having defended the town of Bromide from almost certain destruction at the combined might of the golbin and kobald clans, you and your companions are recognized by the city council as the saviours of the town, but with the understanding that this violence was brought upon the valley by you. Gathering your belongings you journey back to Arcanix to discover the origins of House Denieth’s arcane relics requests.

Story Summary
Five heroes live through the day that an entire country was laid to waste in a terrific explosion of arcane energy, but each came away scarred forever. Ten years have passed and they are reunited on a journey to discover the circumstances that lead to the Day of Mourning and how those origins changed and continue to change the face of Eberron.

Lords of the Mourning