Lords of the Mourning

Flight from the Swamp

The party arrives at an old temple previously used by the druids in their sacrificial ceremonies. They encounter a group of Bullywugs just finishing up a cannibalistic meal. The party split up and attacked the frogs from the flanks. During the fight one of the Bullywugs grabs an item from a nearby altar and stabs one of his comrades. The frog dies almost instantly, but not before a dimensional warp opens in his chest from which erupts a 2 masses of tentacles. Erdan recognized them immediately: Fell Taints from the Far Realm. The image of the mural came to mind as the party fought against psionic attacks that penetrated their willpower. A close fight ensued that ended only after a concerted attack by Dane ended in his fists causing the creatures to explode. Mal noticed that the frogs had dropped a sickle that had caused the dimensional warp and quickly grabbed it to prevent any other frogs from using it.

The party had only a short time to rest and finding a beautifully crafted bow before they were forced to run for their lives with hundreds of Bullywugs close on their heels. They managed to escape the swamp, but only after a hurried misdirected romp with Bastion doing what he could to make sure they were heading the right direction.

They went back to Bromide to discover a merchant caravan had set up shop in the town square. Mal had some concerns about whether or not they should give Walhand the sickle. A tense argument ensued among the party members about what to do with the sickle. Eventually Mal chose to visit the local Magewright to hopefully discover just how dangerous this item really was. While there Bastion encounters a small halfelven girl who is visiting the shop with her father, a local woodcutter. He befriends the small girl and has an opportunity to chat with the woodcutter. Meanwhile Mal chats with the magewright who instantly recognizes the sickle as a implement with dangerous properties.

Eventually the party returns to Walhand who finally opens up to the party and explains that even he is kept in the dark about where knowledge of these items comes from. He promises to do what he can to investigate this once they have some time. Shortly following this, Erdan and Cordus return to Cerik’s tavern while Mal, Dane, and Bastion check out the merchant caravan.

While at the caravan, Bastion is introduced to the head merchant who strikes up a conversation with the warforged. The Ardent learns that the merchant also captures elementals from some hills near Bromide when his group heads to the Obsidian Valley. He requests Bastion’s help in capturing these.

Meanwhile at the old tavern, Cerik has a short conversation with Erdan where he pleads with the Ardent to help him gather some of the herbs he had previously mentioned. He explains that his tavern is on its last legs and only these herbs will allow him to regain some of the business stolen by Zell.

The party gathers that evening at Zell’s inn and tavern and agree to help Cerik recover some of his herbs with the hope that this will help the forlorn tavernowner get his head above water.



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