Lords of the Mourning

Saving the Family Farm

Quickly making their way to the northern edge of the valley, the party reaches the Dalton farm shortly hafter midday. Edging up to the clearing surrounding the house, they are slightly dismayed to see a well armed goblin standing guard at one of the entryways. The party charges forward quickly, bursting into the house and alerting the invading goblins to their presence. They are immediately engaged and fight a close battle within the home’s tight confines.

They discover the Dalton’s bound within the dining room with the patriarch Tad bloodied and knocked unconcious on the ground. Cordus works to revive the injured man as the party finishes off the last of the invaders. Though injured, the man is able to get up and hobble abount. As they untie the family members harsh cries erupt from the forest and the sound of objects hitting the roof are clearly audible. This is followed very quickly by the smell of burning thatch and the party quickly realizes the house has been set on fire.

Gathering the family, the party leaves through a side entryway and are immediately set upon by a group of goblins and kobolds. Erdan gathers together the frightened and injured family members and escorts them towards what looks like a portion of the forest that is clear of enemies while the rest of the party engages the goblins and distracts them from hurting the civilians. Looking south, they see large plumes of black smoke and the beginnings of flames that are racing towards the house.

The party quickly joins up with Erdan and the Dalton family as they quickly make their way west along a dried up creek. Going as quickly as they can while trying to avoid detection, the party makes their way along the creekbed. The goblin cries grow fainter and it looks like they are in the clear, but their encouragement turns to dismay as they run right into the leader of this contingent of goblins: a rather large goblin surrounded by his elite retinue of troops.



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