Lords of the Mourning

The Daltons

Having dispatched the wraith and the skeletal remains of former goblins, the group rushes towards the crypt exit only to be engaged in the entrance chamber by a group of undead that were also called to unlife by the wraith. The group makes quick work of the crumbling zombies and rushes out of the crypt.

They make their way out of the canyon and find a place to rest their weary bodies. The next morning they encounter two young boys out hunting. They are members of the Dalton family and their ranch isn’t too far away so they group accompanies them to the family farm. There they meet the head of the family, Ned Dalton, who gives them a brief history of the valley. He was previously a ranger of Aundair, but he retired out here after his serving his time in the military. Perched on the northern edge of the valley, the house has a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside. They spend the evening with the family and are re-energized from tall helpings from the family’s gardens.

The next morning they set out for Bromide and reach the town around noon. They meet up with Walhand and relay the story of their crypt adventures to him. He grows concerned and announces he is going to be making a trip to Arcanix to meet with House Denieth leadership. His previous conversation with Mal convinced him that something was amiss with all of these magical item requests. The party agrees that the situation seems severe enough to warrant their return with him to the magical city.

That evening the party rests in Cerik’s tavern. While there they are approached by the young girl that Bastion had met earlier. She is troubled. Her father has not returned for a number of days from his regular monthly lumbering trip…an unusual event. The party discusses what to do, but concerns about the House and their obligations to it prevent them from assisting the girl.

The next morning they pack up their belongings and meet in the town center. While waiting for Walhand one of the two Dalton boys they met previously stumble into the town center. His head caked in blood and looking extraordinarily weary, the boy tells a horrifying tale of a host of goblins and hobgoblins attacking the family farm. The family was able to hold them off, but the boy was sent to find help from Bromide. Despite wanting to leave, the party feels compelled to help the family. Walhand assists by finding them some mounts to make the trip faster, but is concerned about a possible attack on the town. He elects to stay behind and rally the town militia to make preparations for a possible assault. The party makes their way north to the Dalton family farm.



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