Lords of the Mourning


The party returns to a grateful Cyric who names the ale that will created from the herbs on the party’s recommendation. Walhand joins them that evening for a celebratory drink for saving the local tavern from having to close up shop. Talking with Mal, Walhand expresses concerns about the House’s motives behind these relic adventuring requests that was originally expressed by the dark elf.

Another request has come in…this time to obtain a religious artifact located amongst the ruins of a former Goblin tribe that lived within a narrow canyon at the northwest corner of the Obsidian Valley. Walhand tries to press his House superiors for more information on who is the originator of these requests, but his questions go unanswered. Walhand provides the party with the necessary information to lead them to the goblin ruins and tells the party that he is going to make an unannounced trip to Arcanix to try and get more information. In the meantime, they should continue to honor these treasure hunting requests on the assumption that nothing fishy is going on. The party agrees and sets out for the valley’s northwest corner the next morning.

Traveling through grasslands interspersed with pockets of tall pines, the party gradually climbs in elevation as they near the mountains. As they travel, the party begins to notice the grass covered remains of former crude houses. Though long since abandoned, the buildings have a distinct look about them that indicates the nature of their former owners. The mountains come together and the canyon that Walhand previously described draws out before them. On its eastern side stand similar ruins and within them a cave.

Walking within, the party discovers an old crypt with the remains of various small shaped humanoids. A oblong statute of a goblin stands guard at the entrance. A long hall extends out from the first room that is flanked by statutes of goblins symbolizing the Dark Six. These immortal beings each have come to symbolize the six major vices. At the back of the hall stand two more goblin statutes that the party assumes represent former commanders of the goblin tribe. The back wall is painted a dark black with two firey red eyes over the entrance to the next room.

It is here that the PCs encounter their first dangesr with a pair of oozes and some bats that react to their presence by attacking. A few moments later the enemy lies dead and the PCs enter into the final crypt. Resting on an altar in the back of the room is a golden icon about the size of an ostrich egg shaped like a monkey head. Three vertical caskets lie against the back wall.

Zell considers their options and elects to cast a minor cantrip from which materializes a magical hand that can grab the icon. Immediately following an apparition appears behind them…a cruel wraith that has long haunted these crypts. Calling forth skeletal minions, the wraith attacks as the remains of former goblins burst from the crypts and dismembered skeletal hands dig out of the ground and attack the party. A close battle ensues with the wraith freezing the party in place before landing furious attacks with its cold claws. Bastion and Erdan engage the skeletal warriors while the dark elf, human, and minotaur make short work of the wraith and hands.



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