Lords of the Mourning

To Save A Tavern

The heroes have agreed to help Cerik, the owner of a small, local tavern in Bromide, gather some herbs from fields along the southern slopes of the Obsidian Valley. The catch is that Zell, the proprieter of the rival inn where the heroes are currently staying, has hired a band of mercenaries to both gather the herbs and prevent any others from gathering herbs. These seemingly unimportant weeds contain a special spice that has a unique flavor and which sells well at the tavern.

They head south and eventually find the hill’s location. As they begin to climb it large boulders being pushed from the top begin to topple down around them. Running among the boulders are Guard Drakes and flying over head are hawks that engage the heroes as they climb the hill and try to avoid getting flattened by falling rocks. Emerging victorious after a close battle fought while negotiating the hill and the avalanche, our heroes crest the hill to find a small depressed valley littered with enormous boulders that have come to rest here. The mercenaries have taken up covered positions within the maze of rocks and the PCs have to split up among the boulders as they engage the mercenaries. The merc’s leader…a human that has taken a small rock golem for a pet and guardian, eventually dies to Bastion’s blade.

Only a short time is given to restas they hear the rustling of wings and see a large white dragon flying quickly towards them.



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